Wear diamonds and gold together

For a classic appeal, diamonds and gold have been combined into such pieces as thin bracelets, solitaire rings, earrings and simple pendants that can be found in virtually any size and desired shape.

Gold ring with diamonds
Gold ring with diamonds

While typically think of gold as yellow, golden white and today’s popular rose gold also provides facilities that are striking for diamonds.

For a more à-page look, today’s hottest styles are large and bold, from heavy bracelet bracelets to long-limb chandelier earrings to contemporary necklace designs that make a huge statement.

The vast assortment of jewelery design styles boasts something for every taste and style preference to add instant soluble appeal to even the simplest outfit.

Gold and diamonds are the most versatile jewelry combination that can be worn with any wardrobe set, from day-to-night formal sports footwear.

While the most extravagant ornaments are best reserved for special occasions, any basic clothing item can benefit from a sparkling lift.

For a weekend getaway through the village, for example, pair the simplest pieces with casual clothing.

Gold and diamonds are neutral colors; they will not clash with any color. However, the light qualities will be the most dramatic when worn against a contrasting dark background.

Dresses and tops in black or rich classic colors, such as wine, plum and blue midnight, will show off a sparkling gold and diamond necklace.

Similarly, gold and diamond pendant earrings can be lost in a sea of ​​cascading blond hair, but brunettes will take the advantage of added glow to their flowing locks.

If you prefer clothing in white or muted colors, like champagne, gray or pink, the effect will be more understated, already equally elegant and beautiful.

Whatever color scheme you favor, the look will reflect your unique style easily and attractively every time.

Hit a balance
Limitations of practice and balance in the number and size of pieces brought together.

Choosing a rather large statement necklace and an excessive solitaire ring to wear off with that little black dress, opt for a smaller bracelet and fewer ornate earrings.

If you prefer to wear an additional favorite rough gemstone ring, such as a sapphire or an emerald, any stone will appear beautifully with the diamond ring.

Limit the number of rings to two on each hand; something more will compete with the necklace.

Whether choosing yellow or white gold jewelry, match the metallic colors of your accessories, including handbags, hairstyles, belts and shoes, in the shade of jewels worn for a final touch-up compensated as a whole.

The ageless combination of gold and diamonds will never appear outdated. Jewels will add timeless elegance, complexity and dazzling embellishment to every outfit.

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