Wear diamonds and gold together

For a classic appeal, diamonds and gold have been combined into such pieces as thin bracelets, solitaire rings, earrings and simple pendants that can be found in virtually any size and desired shape.

Gold ring with diamonds
Gold ring with diamonds

While typically think of gold as yellow, golden white and today’s popular rose gold also provides facilities that are striking for diamonds.

For a more à-page look, today’s hottest styles are large and bold, from heavy bracelet bracelets to long-limb chandelier earrings to contemporary necklace designs that make a huge statement.

The vast assortment of jewelery design styles boasts something for every taste and style preference to add instant soluble appeal to even the simplest outfit.

Gold and diamonds are the most versatile jewelry combination that can be worn with any wardrobe set, from day-to-night formal sports footwear.

While the most extravagant ornaments are best reserved for special occasions, any basic clothing item can benefit from a sparkling lift.

For a weekend getaway through the village, for example, pair the simplest pieces with casual clothing.

Gold and diamonds are neutral colors; they will not clash with any color. However, the light qualities will be the most dramatic when worn against a contrasting dark background.

Dresses and tops in black or rich classic colors, such as wine, plum and blue midnight, will show off a sparkling gold and diamond necklace.

Similarly, gold and diamond pendant earrings can be lost in a sea of ​​cascading blond hair, but brunettes will take the advantage of added glow to their flowing locks.

If you prefer clothing in white or muted colors, like champagne, gray or pink, the effect will be more understated, already equally elegant and beautiful.

Whatever color scheme you favor, the look will reflect your unique style easily and attractively every time.

Hit a balance
Limitations of practice and balance in the number and size of pieces brought together.

Choosing a rather large statement necklace and an excessive solitaire ring to wear off with that little black dress, opt for a smaller bracelet and fewer ornate earrings.

If you prefer to wear an additional favorite rough gemstone ring, such as a sapphire or an emerald, any stone will appear beautifully with the diamond ring.

Limit the number of rings to two on each hand; something more will compete with the necklace.

Whether choosing yellow or white gold jewelry, match the metallic colors of your accessories, including handbags, hairstyles, belts and shoes, in the shade of jewels worn for a final touch-up compensated as a whole.

The ageless combination of gold and diamonds will never appear outdated. Jewels will add timeless elegance, complexity and dazzling embellishment to every outfit.

If you consume gold or silver: the tips to help you decide

If you consume gold or silver: the tips to help you decide

When it comes to choosing precious metal jewelry, people used to be warned to stick with their skin tone. People with dark skin and yellow subdued tones had to choose gold, while cooler complexions with subdued shades had to choose silver. When you think of it, that it only limits you and is really stupid. Makeup should not destroy your skin tone with too much of a good thing.

Dori that lily
Now that he knows that gold will work for you, no matter what your complexion, it helps to know when to tap his power. For this, you will need to look at the colors and design of your equipment.

Woman wearing a gold bracelet
The combination of a gold bracelet with black

Many Bohemian styles, as well as nautical fashions and preppy and vintage looks,  can benefit from a hint of gold.

If it has a long caftan, modeled on, for example, it might want to annoy its international aroma with bold gold hoops, a gold cuff or some chandeliered gold-plated earrings.

The key is to make them look a little imperfect for a true craftsman feel as if grabbed them on an open market.

Click here to see some of the most popular gold jewelry items.

If they are sporty rims, they look for some that have an embossed pattern that looks as if it’s branded in metal.

If your gemstones have golden cuff features, make sure they are of variable size and fine-looking organic cuts.

You can even clip a few skinny craftsman’s gold necklaces into your hair to function as a rough hairband. You may want to weave some together for a truly customs helmet.

As the gold in this look lacks a little shine, it must be a bit carefree with hair and makeup.

More jewels: Click here to browse a selection of jewels from some top brands.

The messy waves, the dirty milking machine or the fishtail spikelets and the upper knots must be compensated by imperfect kohl the eyeliner or a slightly stained pout.

Bronzer should be dusted over your cheekbones, forehead and the bridge of your nose to annoy the warm tones of the metal.

The navy, in nautical or preppy styles, looks particularly good with perfect gold accents. The staid look of this requires thin, immaculate gold circles, nails or a pendant necklace with a single stone or a motif.

The key must stick to basic shapes that will not compete with sharp tailoring or clear patterns.

When gold is paired with these styles, it is best to keep hair and makeup sharp-edged. A low ponytail, wrapped with blunt strokes or an asymmetrical tap will leave the jewels simple to shine. Perfect red lips or a stunning Neo – 60’s cat eye will complete the overall look.

Gold works particularly well with minute retro looks.

An Edwardian military jacket or a string-cut redness change can really sing when paired with delicate gold throwing earrings in the form of swallows, tree branches or leaves.

Silver foxes
Silver has been made – to seek evening wear over the decades. Maybe it’s because it has the ability to make diamonds and the crystals don’t shine like no other metal can.

You can also watch it as if playing with natural light. The gold looks great against a saturated beach sunset while the silver collects diffused moon rays.

For these reasons, you will always find dramatic shoulder-touching earrings and smooth cuffs after dark at any club or restaurant full of yourself.

Silver jewels can be scolded so easily though.

Click here to see a selection of the newest and most popular silver jewelry.

A popular summer trend borrowed from South America highlights many small brown or black strings of leather stretched with silver religious charms or silver beads made from hand molded into bracelets or necklaces that look great against transparent white tunics, limits and simple leather sandals.

For all its splendor, silver looks particularly cool when brushed or antiqued to a rich hard bronze color.

This metal treatment makes for some stunning bib necklaces, with black ribbon, the velvet and jet beads woven in coarse silver chain. Silver punk tips can also be worked in the mix.

This heavy look pairs particularly well with the rich autumn textures of cashmere, wool, velvet, brocade and leather.

Hair should be kept architectural, with soft Pompadour hairstyles or rounded corners and lips can be dramatic, in shades of plum or raisins.

Silver can also be highlighted via many different strands of chains in varying lengths and structures for a rocker vibe.

For those who avoid such heavy treatment, bright silver collar necklaces make a comeback. These look sharp with sweater dresses and car-riding boots.

Mix and match
Finally, do not forget that when the elements are small – lean bracelets or necklaces – silver and gold can play together in a cohesive look.

Just make sure that only a few threads are shiny while the remains are boring.

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